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Video Games Live  
09:58pm 25/01/2008

Wow!!  Was that concert awesome...  It was definitly something amazing it is going to be up there in the top events of this year for sure!  The perfomances and the game were just breath taking.  I wish they played in Florida more often, but sadly no other Floridian stop on their '08 tour.  Possibly next year though.  I did enjoy the car ride and company of Billy for trip as well.  Just next time I do something like that I hope I feel better...

In other news

I'm sick right now and it sucks.   A rather annoying throat cold that lessens and worsens throughout th day like a rollercoaster ride that is irriating the hell out of me!!  Just make up your mind and get better or worse and just stick with it for a while!!  Christ!

4th Edition D&D will be coming out in April, and I don't know if it'll even be worth picking up the books or not considering how often we play D&D anymore...  Makes me sad really, since I enjoyed playing so much.

Hitman will be coming to DVD and Blu-Ray in April and will be the first disc to use Digital Copy.  Which will let you copy the DVD to your PS3, PSP, and possibly computer as well so you won't need th disc itself for playback anymore.  Yay digital media!

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